Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday Dinner: An Ordinary Gathering... an Extraordinary Community

We wanted to share with you an ordinary idea (having people over for lunch) that can have extraordinary results (people building community and loving each other well). Carla and Ely Britton had this idea and shared some of the results with us via e-mail (including a picture):

"Since Christmas we have been trying to get a few people from WCF over for dinner but kept running into scheduling challenges. We finally had the date set (at least 6 weeks ago) for 3/26. Then it snowed and the Gardners could not get out of their subdivision. Through God's grace... the food held until Sunday after church when we were all available... We would strongly encourage anyone to invite someone you do not know over for a meal. We had a great time getting to know one and other!!!"

Pictured from left to right: Kenny Jaworski, Steve and Megan Gardner, Ely and Carla Britton, Chris, Cari and Abby Lowe (photo taken by Chris and Cari's other daughter, Lauren Lowe, age 12).

Have you thought about inviting folks over for lunch after church on Sunday? Don't underestimate the power of good conversation over a shared meal. Something extraordinary might happen: you might find that the people around you really love you... and that you love them!

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