Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Benefit Concert for Promise Academy, St. Louis

There are some exceptionally talented musicians and singers at Central Presbyterian Church and West County Fellowship and we most often use their gifts in worship of God, the Creator. But this Friday night we will see them put their abilities to use to help some very special children… children made in the image of their Creator.

Promise Christian Academy (http://promisestl.org) is a special place where children who need alternative instructional approaches can be educated, loved and cherished as a life with incalculable dignity. It’s a place where children are seen as more than simply someone with autism or downs syndrome. And the folks who work their not only do amazing work, but display the sweet character of Christ. I know. I’ve seen it!

This Friday night, there will be a benefit concert for Promise Academy to help support their mission. Randy Mayfield along with Gina Tuck (Clayton campus pianist), Justin Heimburger (West County campus percussionist), Tim Mauldin (West County campus music director and guitarist), Eric Stiller (Trio pastor and jazz bassist) along with many others will perform at Chesterfield Presbyterian Church at 7:00 PM.

I had the chance to attend part of the rehearsal tonight and I thought I would share some of it with you to whet your appetite for Friday night.

For more of the same, I would encourage anyone in the St. Louis area to attend for a great night of music and an opportunity to support a fantastic school.

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  1. Oh, I get it. I was wondering why Daryl was the featured picture for Promise Academy's concert.